After Easter

Thomas. Thomas, Thomas. It's Sunday, April 24, 2017. One week after Easter. If there is one story in the entire Book of Books that I identify with more than any other, it's the one that's traditionally commemorated today, one week after Easter. I read this Book and I can't help imagining the people. Historical scholarship… Continue reading After Easter


The Master Class

The Sermon on the Mount is an extended look at the teachings of Jesus in the Book of Matthew, chapters 5 through 7, and is one of the most famous texts in the Gospels. Many of the most well known and most often quoted sayings of Jesus are lifted from this passage, including the Beatitudes, and… Continue reading The Master Class

Just a Thought… “You Can’t Take the Skies from Me”

I was watching the new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer and noticed that the song in the background was a Johnny Cash track called "Ain't No Grave," which I think worked really well. This is the second blockbuster trailer in recent memory which used a Johnny Cash song to outstanding effect (the other being "Hurt"… Continue reading Just a Thought… “You Can’t Take the Skies from Me”

Parables…Salt and Light

When the World Speaker starts telling a story, we should all probably listen extra carefully, right? We call Him Jesus, and in His own language He was called Yeshua, which is where we get our name Joshua. Three languages: Greek, Hebrew, and English. One name: "The LORD saves." Yeshua was, minimally, a gifted storyteller. He employed common cultural notions, and… Continue reading Parables…Salt and Light